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As a flexible, interdisciplinary programme focused on subjects and personal and global learning goals, ENSO International Academy’s curriculum and teaching methodology supports each individual special needs student, through a range of customised programmes that build on their skills and allow them to achieve, make progress and experience success. Through these learning experiences, each child will develop socially, emotionally, morally, and culturally.
At Enso each special needs student has an Individualised Learning Plan (ILP), a road map of each child's learning goals and learning activities designed for the entire term.

Lessons are delivered in a happy and stimulating environment in accordance with the National British Curriculum requirements.

The curriculum includes subject areas where the level of work is tailored to each individual’s ability such as:

English (Literacy)
Mathematics (Numeracy)

Other familiar foundation subjects:

Thematic Investigation
Technology and design
Creative Minds
Social Studies
Music and Physical Education
Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy

At ENSO, we are aware of the importance of promoting safeguarding and developing the whole child and their personal, social and health education.

This is covered in our specially designed classes:
Social Skills
Behaviour Regulation
Living Skills
Enso's Primary Years

Weekly Reflections

Every Friday, the overall feedback of the week is given to parents through our unique “Weekly Reflections” a tool for the growth and development of our students and educators.
Weekly Reflections are an IMPORTANT part of our students’ learning. There is no real learning without reflection.
By collecting information about what goes on in the classroom, and by analysing and evaluating this information, we identify and explore our own practices and underlying beliefs. This may then lead to changes or improvements in our teaching practices for better learning outcomes for our special needs students. Teacher reflection helps our neurodiverse learners move from just experiencing a lesson, to understanding what happened and why.
Learning should be meaningful and fun for our children!